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SportsNet inc


SportsNet is a system used by Center HS to manage and monitor athletic clearance and eligibility.


  1. Parent/Guardians of athletes at Center HS will complete the athletic clearance packet (previously available only on paper) online through SportsNet's Athlete Registration system.
  2.  Center High School parents will log onto their own designated site at where they will be able to do the following:
  • Self-register for the system using a unique email address and password
  • Identify their child by providing an exact match of the spelling of the student's first and last name as well as his/her student ID number
  • Provide all information requested in the district-approved athletic clearance packet including but not limited to-
    • Completing ALL information requested
    • Uploading a copy of sports physical form.
    • Completed Physical form including doctor signature and office stamp.
Once the form is completed, the school will receive notification that the packet was submitted.  The school will notify you (your e mail must be put on the athletic packet in the SportsNet system to be notified) once the packet is approved or if any additional information is required.


You do not have to complete the packet in a single sitting, as the information will be saved after you log out.  However, the school will not be notified of the completion of your packet until you reach the end of the form and enter your electronic signature.


The URL (web address) for the registration system is -  and is posted on the school's athletics website.


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